US 1 News: For Nexus Media, Growing Means Going Green

Reprinted from the July 13, 2016, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper For Nexus Media, Growing Means Going Green by Diccon Hyatt

Robert Orlando, owner of Nexus Media, likes to tell stories. And the story he tells about Princeton is one that is not too flattering. “Princeton has a low media IQ,” he says. Constantly overshadowed by the ad agencies, film studios, and publishing houses of New York, Princeton is an intellectual powerhouse, but Orlando believes its academic thinkers and business leaders often lack the media savvy to get their brilliant ideas and products out into the minds of the public.

But like any good marketer, Orlando offers a solution at the same time he points out the problem. Orlando’s studio, Nexus Media, has been expanding ever since moving to Nassau Street from New York in 2008.

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