US 1 News: For Nexus Media, Growing Means Going Green

Reprinted from the July 13, 2016, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper For Nexus Media, Growing Means Going Green by Diccon Hyatt.
Robert Orlando, owner of Nexus Media, likes to tell stories. And the story he tells about Princeton is one that is not too flattering. “Princeton has a low media IQ,” he says. Constantly overshadowed by the ad agencies, film studios, and publishing houses of New York, Princeton is an intellectual powerhouse, but Orlando believes its academic thinkers and business leaders often lack the media savvy to get their brilliant ideas and products out into the minds of the public.


For a growing brand, finely tuned communications are never a luxury. Working with one of the world's most respected brands, Procor, as a subsidiary of Brown & Brown Insurance has relied on Nexus Media for more than just a new look or style, but for exposing their innovative product for advertising.

Virgil Platform

Virgil's eSource platform, provides digital clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) and data management for clinical trials. From entry to upload, it’s a seamless process that maximizes the potential of your data while minimizing the possibility of error. Virgil is built to ensure your trial data is secure, accurate and complete.


MedAvante founded in 2002 to address a crisis in mental health clinical trials now has a proven track record.
They believe data will unlock new, more effective treatments and enhance the lives of patients and those who care for them.

Noble Home Care

Noble Home Care is committed to offering the most qualified and professional home care providers. Their wide selection of services allow any family member or loved one to decide the level of non-medical care in the home. They provide Senior Home Care Services for Retired Seniors, Elderly, Terminally ill, Handicapped People and the Developmentally Disabled with the highest quality care. Nexus Media has partnered with Noble Home Care as creative consultant...